This Cookie Policy explains how Vago Aps of 2021 (“VAGO”, “We”, “Us”) use cookies on our website

VAGO makes an effort to offer a transparent website with the content that is the most relevant to you. In order to do this, we use technologies that can collect, process and sort information regarding how you and other visitors use our website.

VAGO’s use of cookies may include processing of your personal data, and we therefore recommend that you also read our privacy policies.

By using the website you accept that VAGO uses cookies as described below, unless you have opted out of cookies in your browser.

1 What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which the website places on your computer’s hard drive, smartphone or other electronic device. Cookies contain information, which the website can use, among other things, to make the communication between you and your web-browser more efficient.

When you visit the website, you will automatically receive one or more cookies. Some cookies are placed by us, while other cookies are placed by third parties.

2 Why does VAGO use cookies?

VAGO uses different kinds of cookies to provide you with an optimal user-experience and service, when you use the website. We also use cookies to collect a basis for optimising traffic on the website and between other websites. See below for more information about the purposes of our use of cookies.

3 Third party cookies

It is not only VAGO that can place cookies on your computer’s hard drive, smartphone or other electronic device, when you visit the website. [Example: User-related statistics are collected via the cookie analytics.js. The cookie collects information about the location of your device based on the IP-address, what pages you visit on the website, as well as how long you spend on them. This knowledge is used by VAGO in order to optimise the website and to give you the best possible experience. We use systems from Google Analytics and Google User Content.

4 Other third party cookies

It is also possible to use other third party services on the website, and these services may also use cookies. You can choose to block third party cookies in your browser – as mentioned below. There may be functions on the website that you cannot use, if you choose to block third party cookies in your browser. You will receive an error message that states how you are able to change your settings for third party cookies, thus enabling you to complete the desired actions.

5 Temporary and Permanent cookies

There are basically two types of cookies, “temporary” cookies and “permanent” cookies. The temporary cookies are linked to the current visit to the website and are deleted automatically, when you close your web browser. In contrast, permanent cookies will be stored on your equipment. Permanent cookies delete themselves after a certain period, but will be renewed every time you visit the website.

6 How to avoid and delete cookies?

If you do not want VAGO to place or read cookies on your equipment, you have the possibility of opting out of cookies in your browser, where you can choose which cookies that should be allowed, blocked or deleted.  As a user, you need to be aware that the website might not function optimally if you delete or block cookies.

If you wish to remove the cookies that are already on your equipment, and you are using a PC and a newer browser, you can press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE simultaneously. If this shortcut does not work, you can find the support pages for the most commonly used browsers here:

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome



This website is provided by:

Vago ApS of 2021, CVR 42433659 (“VAGO”)

As data controller, VAGO is required to protect your personal information, and our aim is to make you feel secure when we process your personal data. We will process any personal information about you in accordance with this Privacy Policy, as well as any applicable laws.

1 Types and use of personal information

VAGO collects information about you in the following cases: If you make a reservation for a table or if you sign up for our newsletter.

We only collect necessary data; like for instance your name, address, telephone number, email address, payment cards, other payment data purchase history, information regarding dietary restrictions, cookies, and IP address.

We will only process and store your personal data if you have provided them voluntarily, for example in connection with your use of our website, when you make a reservation for a table (including when you make an online reservation), sign up to our newsletter, conclusion of an agreement, participation in a competition, and when you send an inquiry via email.

For instance, VAGO uses your personal data to provide you with the service for which we have collected the information. Further, we use the information to get to know you and other users of our website better. Our use may include investigations, statistics, and analyses in order to improve products, services, and technologies, as well as to show you marketing content and offers tailored to your interests and hobbies. We send you this marketing material via electronic mail or other technologies (if you have requested to receive such material).

2 Sharing of your personal information

In some cases, we may share the personal data that we process about you. For instance, we may share them with: (i) suppliers that we work with to assist our company (meaning service providers, technical support, supply services, and financial institutions); or (ii) in connection with sales, reservations, assignments, or other transfers of website content; or (iii) if we are required to do so by law, a court ruling, or current legislation.

We will share the information to the extent and to those necessary to enable us to provide you with your requested service. For instance, when you reserve a table, when you enter into an agreement with us, and for sending you material or similar services that require the use of your data.

3 Security

We will implement security measures to protect your personal data against manipulation, loss, destruction, and against unauthorised access. We continuously revise our security procedure based on the newest, technological developments.

In practice, it is not possible to provide 100 % security, and therefore we cannot guarantee that the information is protected completely against anyone who will succeed in circumventing the security measures and gain access to the data. Thus, you provide your data information at your own responsibility.

4 Updates, deletion, or correction of your information

If you wish to access your data processed by VAGO, you may contact us at <>; or by phone +45 40 45 08 95

Under the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data, you are entitled to know which personal data we process about you. If these data are incorrect or misleading, you are entitled to have them corrected, blocked, or deleted. Moreover, at any time you can object to the further processing of your personal data.

You will also be able to complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency, which you may contact by email:

5 Storing

VAGO will store your personal data as long as necessary in order to supply the requested service, as long as needed for a legitimate purpose or for as long as required by law. Therefore, we will continuously delete and anonymise your personal data when they are no longer relevant to the purposes for which we are processing them.

6 Changes

We will update and change this Policy from time to time. VAGO reserves the right to update and change this Policy. In case of significant changes, we will inform you through this website or by email.