In July 2021 our passion for food led us to a unique opportunity. The fulfilling of a lifelong dream – to open our own restaurant. A place based upon our own values.

At VAGO we welcome all food enthusiasts with open arms. The grounded vibe from the kitchen should be felt in the whole restaurant. We believe it contributes to an amazing experience for our guests.

VAGO’s team brings together nationalities from countries such as Portugal, Brazil, USA and Italy. We all share the same love of our profession. Having worked in Denmark for some years, we believe that Copenhagen is the perfect place to show our vision and diversity.


Portrait of the two owners smiling
Man who cooks with love


We value sustainability, and for us it not only influences the produce we choose. It’s also about how we treat our employees.

The dream is to be fully sustainable and to have our own garden with homegrown produce. Our food is made with a focus on minimizing food waste, following the seasons and local produce. We believe that creates the best foundation for a great food experience.

VAGO is to be inspiring and inviting whether you are a guest or staff. The restaurant industry can be tough, but at VAGO we don’t believe the traditional rough communication needs to be a part of our industry’s future.
For us, sustainability means seeing our employees as family and treating them as such. Here, our employees have room to evolve their skills and stay inspired, creating the passionate and joyful atmosphere that is in our opinion crucial for a great guest experience.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you – João, Gustavo and the team at VAGO.


 We are always looking for passionate and likeminded people!

Send us some words about yourself or visit us in the restaurant

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